Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A 3 year old that wants to play the Cello???

Carter has a new desire - he wants to play Cello. He talks about it all the time. We sit down as a family. Daddy and I are both assigned instruments and Carter will play Cello. We really enjoy being part of his band. It is a fun family activity. Carter will also have us all sit down for dinner too. He makes all sorts of fun concoctions. However, the band is his preferred family activity.

He was obsessed with the guitar. My cousin Michelle got him this guitar for his birthday - which is pretty cool because it only has 4 strings like Caspar Babypants' guitar (as Carter pointed out when he opened it). However, it is now a Cello, and his harmonica is his bow. 

I think his new found love of the Cello was inspired by The Piano Guys.

Carter likes how versatile the Cello is - it can be played like a violin, a fiddle, a guitar, and a drum. Of course you can play soccer and volleyball with it (see Me and My Cello) - who wouldn't love to do that with a musical instrument??? That is Carter's biggest hangup with musical instruments - there are no balls.

This video just makes the Cello look fun:

This is his favorite video though:

I have never known a 3 year old to be into classical music. He will ask to listen to it, even if he can't watch the videos. I highly encourage you to take some time and watch their art with the piano and Cello. It is truly amazing. 

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