Monday, October 22, 2012

How to get a black eye.

David got a flat tire on our way to the mall last week. We have AAA, so it was no big deal. It was the third time (albeit a different car) that David had his car towed in the last month. We use the heck out of our membership. The tow truck driver was really cool, he had Carter move all the levers and put Daddy's car up on the bed of the truck. He was on cloud 9. Of course I left my camera at home. 

David ordered new tires for his car and put them on at home. Carter got to be Daddy's special helper to put the wheels and tires back on the wagon. Unfortunately, Carter walked right into the handle of the floor jack as David was putting the car up. He got slammed in the eye with the steel bar. He cried so loud!!! Then it was over. David asked him if he wanted to move the handle up and down to put the car up and he was over being hurt and ready to help.

This is the best picture we could get. He was not very helpful at closing his eye for pictures, so we had to wait for him to fall asleep. 

I have noticed that he would make the cutest little girl with eye shadow on.

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