Friday, September 25, 2009

Awake at last

Eyeballs!! He has eyeballs!! He is now more wakefull. He has quite a few Newborn size outfits (like the one shown swimming in here) and he wears them all every day. Because he is so young and he is breastfed, the liquid they are soaking in has no odor. I cannot yet tell what end it came out of, but he is found soaking in something. I have to change him multiple times a day!! Outfit, blanket, hat, sheets, and all!! He is now over 6 pounds. However, in the process of getting him up to that weight, I am finding it tough to feed myself. By the time I am finished feeding and changing him I have time to brush my teeth and throw a load of laundry in before he is awake again. When do women find time to eat?

1 comment:

  1. We eat while were sleeping! LOL jk! He is very cute and your an amazing mom!