Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Troopers

My little troopers, Blu & Vortex. They are doing great. I think Blu is convinced that this little guy is going to go away - she did the same thing with Vortex. She was so happy when he was gone for his "man" surgery. Then, he came back and she was pretty disappointed. She really just wants to take little socks and little hats into the yard and pile them up.

Vortex, on the other hand, has really stepped up his duties. He has decided that it is his job to protect his new brother. NOBODY gets into our yard or our house without a fight. I have never seen him so vicious since I got pregnant. He even got to the point of biting. Now, his little mouth is not really large enough to "bite" someone - it turns into a nip - but I see his intentions. Today, I was feeding the baby and someone walked in the room. Vortex LOST IT. He would not leave him alone until he left. Even then, he was so uneasy, he couldn't go back to laying down on his bed. I am glad that he has taken an interest in the baby. It may start to be a bother, but I'm going to let him as long as he feels he is useful.

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