Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh The Places You'll Go

So I should probably tell his birth story. In case anybody wanted to know. The nurses told me not to share it with too many people because I had such an easy time. I went completely natural - which was the goal all along. No drugs for me.

Friday the 4th I had cramps off and on, but nothing to complain to the nurses about. On the 5th, my cramps got worse. I let the nurse know at about 4 PM that I thought I may be in early labor. They hooked a monitor up to me, but didn't register the contractions. They gave me a button to push to let them know I was having a contraction.

Around 8 PM David's parents came to visit. I sat and talked with them for a while until I was holding the button down constantly. The nurse came in to see if I sat on my button. I still didn't think I was in labor. I asked them to leave around 9 because I could not really hold a conversation any more - and like any excited grandparents-to-be, they sat in the waiting room instead of going home.

I got into the jacuzzi tub shortly after they left. At 10 PM I decided that I might need a sedative, just something to make me too sleepy to really care what was going on. The nurse said she should check me first. I got up on the labor bed for her to check me. She started to panic. She had David hit my call button and she started calling for the doctor and the nurses and the NICU staff. Immediately there were about 15 people in the room. The nurse was tring to introduce them all to me so I felt more "comforable". I didn't care. I just wanted to be done. My doctor was not in the building yet. They grabbed the first Labor and Delivery doctor they could find. Even he almost missed it. That kid shot out of me, and the doctor almost dropped him on to the bed.

From the time that I laid down on that bed to be checked to the time there was a baby in the doctor's arms was 12 minutes. I pushed 3 times. David was standing by me the whole time. He cut the cord and followed the baby to the NICU where they did tests and checks and weighed him. I saw him the next morning around 7 AM. We went home on Monday evening (the 7th). It was quite an adventure. I don't think it is anything that I want to do again. I was fortunate - I had a small baby. At the pediatrician on Tuesday they said he is in the 2nd percentile for his weight, the 9th percentile for his length, and the 4th percentile for his head circumference. Although those numbers are small (50% is average) - to me that means that 96% of women had to push out a bigger head than I did. I know I will not be so lucky next time.

He sleeps a lot. I get quite a bit done around the house. David keeps telling me to slow down. He says I work to hard and need to concentrate on healing. I know he's right, but I have so much to do I cannot sit down.

I feel great - I am healing pretty quickly. A little sore, but that is to be expected.


  1. You are so lucky. I am still jeolous. I hope mine goes as well-but I highly doubt it. I am glad you are healing well and that you feel up to doing so much. Congratulations. He is so cute.

  2. Congrats! Are you excepting visitors at home? Call or text me and let me know! Oh and your hospital bill will about min. of 3 grand per day!