Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby's First day at the Race Track

High School drags were Friday night. David was super excited to have baby Carter out there to share it with him. Carter was there 2 weeks before he was born when David and I went to Pinks All Out. It was a lot of fun. Little did I know that baby Carter wanted to see it so bad he would start pushing out 6 weeks early.

Carter watched every car rev up, then fly all the way down the track. David was watching their times, and Carter was watching their tail lights.

This is his new face - mouth open, tongue out. He loves the attention he gets from it.

Being a teacher at the community college, David gets to sit up in the box seats above the track. It was ideal for a baby. Although being a teacher at the high school also - we sat in the stands mostly and fraternized with the students. David walks along the line up making sure all his students are prepared and have the right markings on their cars. He has some good kids (Not many unfortunately).

He did great. No crying, no blowout diaper. We stayed out waaaaay past his bedtime, but he didn't seem to mind. He was pretty upset to leave. Good thing it only takes 3 minutes to get home. Then it was pretty easy to distract him with food.


  1. He looks soooooo cute (Carter, I mean, although you have a handsome husband, too). Love the outfit!

  2. What a cute boy. He is growing so much. I am sure he will moving around in no time. Just remember it is so much easier when they stay where you put them.

  3. Oh, I am not excited for movement. I know I should put him on his tummy more. I don't know what I will do when he becomes mobile.