Friday, May 14, 2010

Eye Doctor

Carter went to see the eye doctor - Dr. Balough up in Newcastle It was a 45 minute drive, but well worth it. He didn't fuss or wigle at all. He sat in the chair and looked through all the funny instruments the doctor had. He is nearsighted, and has a prescription of +2 in both eyes. However, Dr. Balough says that is normal for infants his age. He said Carter's eyes will focus more as he grows and doesn't need glasses. He checked for eye health issues, like tumors and cataracts, as well as nerve health.

Through a program called InfantSee infants age 6 - 12 months can have their eyes checked out for free. I learned about it when I worked at an eye doctor's office. Unfortunately, it wasn't the doctor that educated me. In the year and a half we worked there, we only had one infant come in through the program. (So, I chose not to take Carter to that office)

It is a great program. I believe that every infant should be checked out. It is more in depth than your pediatrician can check in his office.

I called all the doctors on the InfantSee website and asked how many infants they see. One office didn't even know they were participating. Very few saw more than a couple infants per year. Dr. Balough sees 2 or 3 per month.

It was super easy, I went to the website and clicked on the link to "Find an InfantSEE doctor" (the little one). Then I typed in my zip code. There were 23 within 10 miles of my zip code. You call the provider up and mention that you are making an appointment for your infant through the InfantSEE program. They schedule you an appointment - you fill out the InfantSEE paperwork - and get their eyes checked. No cost AT ALL.

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