Friday, May 21, 2010

Carter's Doggles

I bought this onezie for the sole purpose of this photo shoot. I didn't get the picture I wanted, but I got a couple decent ones. The dogs were the easy ones to capture. It was Carter I had trouble with. It was really hard to get him to look at me. Those dogs are just too much fun. He loves Vortex!!!

Today I learned that he knows which one is which. David has trouble telling them apart at times, but Carter knows the difference. I called Vortex today and he immediately turned to see if Vortex would come. I called Blu, and she did nothing (her usual self). She completely ignored me. Carter turned to see what she would do when I called her name. I thought it was super cool. Then, they started growling and play fighting. They do it all the time. Carter started growling back at them. Vortex would growl, then Carter would respond. Blu would growl, and Carter would respond to her. I think that's where he gets his tongue hanging out thing too.

And they LOVE him. He is just so yummy.

He had a little meltdown - crying and kicking. The dogs just kind of looked at him with this "What is he doing???" look.

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