Monday, May 24, 2010

Swim Lessons

Grandma in Arizona sent this to Carter. I have to admit when I saw it, I said "That is really cute, but we live in Washington - when are we going to go swimming?"

Now, I knew that you never want to be without a swim suit. I learned that the hard way. I had two maternity suits at home, and I was in Phoenix the week my water broke. David said there was nothing I could forget that I couldn't replace in Phoenix. When I told him that I forgot the swim suit he realized there was (they are certainly not cheap).

It gave me an idea (having a swim suit). I enrolled Carter in Mommy & Me swim classes. Lydia is also with us, along with her mother Chandra of course. We are also joined by one of our playgroup friends. David suggested that we go on the nights that he works late so he won't miss any of his Carter time. Big mistake. I have to juggle the baby by myself. Chandra was there to help. We took turns holding two babies while the other changed and dried off. Wow what work!!

Carter did very well. He didn't seem to mind the water. He wasn't excited and happy, but he didn't fuss and cry. Lydia SCREAMED the entire 30 minutes. She didn't like any part of it. Carter put the distraction toy right in his mouth. He didn't mind all the different splashes and jumping that we did. He even didn't care about the dunking under water. He went under the water 4 times and didn't cry at all. Lets hope it stays that way.

In the rush to get him in to swim class I threw some stuff from his diaper bag into a plastic bag. I wasn't really paying attention and threw in a vest instead of pants. Lydia was more than willing to share her pants with him. He didn't seem to notice, as he has come home in her clothes before (just never this pink).

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