Monday, July 5, 2010

Amazing Sleepers

I have never been one for holidays. I don't drive anywhere (we made and exception this year for church). It is just too dangerous. Two years ago, David took me and the dogs to Leavenworth for the 4th - no fireworks allowed there. We had a fun time walking everywhere. This year, with a baby, we decided to stay home. Our dogs appear not to notice fireworks. Blasts that make me jump apparently don't appear on their radar. We let them out to use the facilities (namely the lawn) at night with all the fireworks going off in the street in front of our house, and they come back 5 minutes later without a bark. It is wonderful. They slept in their beds all night long through the battle zone sounding neighborhood.

We put Carter to bed at 6. He hadn't had a nap all day long and was pretty cranky. He woke me up this morning at 8 AM. I haven't really put anything on my blog about his sleeping because everybody tells me not to talk about it - even my pediatrician. He sleeps so well. He was waking up at 4 every morning. Then the guy 2 doors down lost his job, and we stopped having that 4 AM problem. He consistently sleeps for 12-14 hours a night. I am so blessed to have an amazing sleeping baby. I attribute his sleeping to Baby Wise. I read it while I was nursing, and loved it. A lot of our friends used this book, and it worked for them too. I highly recommend it.

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