Thursday, July 8, 2010


David has always been the cook. When we first got married, I told him that I would have dinner ready for him every night when he got home from work. I would even give him options of what he wanted: Frosted Flakes, Cherios, and Life. That I could do. Otherwise - I don't cook. I clean. So we made a deal - He cooks and I clean. I have been slacking since we got this house to remodel. It is hard to "clean" a construction zone. But, he has kept up his end pretty well. This was breakfast this morning:

(it was only mine, his was plain. I kind of think it was because we were out of syrup after his, but it was a great effort for such a simple reason)

This is his usual Sunday breakfast. Sausage, maybe bacon, red/yellow peppers, onions, and sometimes salsa all scrambled in eggs wrapped in Pillsburry Cresent Rolls. I can only say YUM:

And, he still thawed the baby's breakfast and fed that to him. I made all the food and froze it. He just had to pull about 4 ice cube shaped bananas or avacados or carrots from the bag in the freezer. Isn't he amazing?!?! All while trying to give me an extra hour of sleep.

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