Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have finally succumbed.

My sister gave me this book for Christmas in 2005. I have not picked it up - using the excuses that I was too busy (Ha, I thought I was busy then!), That this book was so obscure and unheard of that I probably wouldn't find it that interesting (I'm not hip to pop culture apparently), then after the movies came out that it was just some teen fad. Up until I read the book I really had no idea what it was about. Well now I'm hooked.

Sorry David for allowing your underwear drawer to empty yesterday, and for the fact that we had ZERO clean towels for your shower. The dishes are so backed up, I don't think we had a clean spoon to eat breakfast with. I cannot put these books down. I read the first one in 8 hours, and the second one on Monday. I couldn't even make it through work without this book. I took it to the dog park with two dogs and to toddler playgroup with two babies today - knowing that I wasn't going to be able to read. I just couldn't part with it.

The sad thing about the whole situation is that a year ago today I went to a family reunion on the La Push Indian reservation. Not having a clue about the significance, and turning down a quick trip into Forks - I am completely blind sided now.

I hope my family will make it through this week without me.


  1. Sounds like me and housekeeping when I have a great book. I've found books on CD help a lot to free up my hands and eyes to clean

  2. Welcome to the club! It will take over your life. I'm impressed you took the time to blog, I'm sure I would have waited until after book 4.

  3. I realized that I should have gotten the book on CD so I could do housework - or ANYTHING other than read this book!!

    The reason I had time to blog was because I had to work. I finished New Moon around midnight Monday, and had to be up for work a little after 6 on Tuesday. I did not pick up Eclipse until I was off again on Wednesday night. Otherwise, no I would not have had time to blog.