Monday, July 12, 2010


We had a busy weekend. We went to Kent Cornucopia Days and saw lots of doggies and fun bubbles. We also went to a birthday party. Carter and I drove all the way up to Snohomish for my friend Steve's 60th birthday party. They roasted a pig and had a live band. Carter was quite happy to just play with a water bottle the entire time. I left all his toys in the car - which I knew he wouldn't mind. However I also left the camera at home. I didn't get any pictures of Kent Cornucopia Days or the birthday party. It mostly would have been pictures of Carter in his stroller though. The only thing we might've taken pictures of were the Llamas - but they charged $5 to get your picture taken with them. NO THANKS!!

Anyways, back to the party. . . .

I met a couple at the party. We sat next to them for dinner. They had several grandkids, and loved Carter. The husband really liked Carter, he told one of his friends that walked by: "I guess now I'll have to buy him a pony". Then they took out pictures of the ponies they bought for their own grandkids. They pretty much adopted Carter as their own grandchild. The wife (Rocky was her name) was holding Carter and talking to him while I ate. I watched as Carter leaned in to her face and kissed her right on the lips. He closed his mouth and planted her a big one right smack on the lips!! I couldn't believe it. I have no idea where he learned to do that. I certainly don't kiss him on the lips. I thought it was an accident at first. Five minutes or so later he did it again. He gave her 4 kisses that night!! She was a very nice lady - and certainly deserving of the kisses - but he couldn't have practised on me first?? She told me that I could tell me people that he kissed me first instead, but the truth makes for a much better story.

What is a post about the baby without a decent picture of him right? These were taken by my friend Chandra - two babies in aqua with denim overall shorts. They seem to share secrets between them. Except for this morning when I found Lydia trying to gouge out Carter's eyeballs. He had fallen over, and she crawled over to him and was scratching at his eyeballs. It was quite a scary sight. He made it through alive, just relieved that it was over.

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