Thursday, November 18, 2010

Costume Pictures Finally!!

Carter was just too wiggly to get real good pictures. Lydia, on the other hand was amazingly well posed. She was compliant in all the pictures. My child needed a prop to keep in in one place. This bowl is a favorite at Lydia's house - filling it and emptying it over and over.
This time it is a spoon:

He is about to yell at us for taking away his distraction.

Davidisms for the day:

We were looking through the new Toys-R-Us catalogue and saw the cars and trucks. David says "Look at this dump truck. I say "That is not a dump truck, it is a garbage truck." David replies "But it goes to the dump." What am I going to do with him??

I was frantically looking for an under onsie for Carter. I told David "I cannot find a single white onsie!!" David asks "Isn't that a band? . . . . No, that's Plain White Ts"

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