Monday, November 1, 2010

What these kids learn now a days

My favorite part of David's assignments is where they have to list something they learned that day. It is AMAZING what some of these kids learn. This week two kids actually wrote that they learned "Nothing". One child even put a smiley face afterwards. I fought back the urge to put a smiley face after her zero for that day.

One kid learned: "after cutting a bolt, don't touch it with your hand because its hot"

Another: "Coolant tastes really bad" I wanted to mark him down just for tasting the coolant.

There was an accident at the school, and the main reason I know this is because I read it in all their papers. Two of the kids learned: "Don't hold on to trash cans when riding in the back of a truck." I was really glad that one kid learned: "always double check the bed of a truck for people"

Under the section to list what they did that day most of them just wrote the name of the student who had the accident. Some of them even wrote that he fell out of a truck. "That is nice to know what he did, but what did YOU do?" I'd like to ask them.

My favorite answer to this question has to be: "Ate Cinamen then worked on car"

A different part of the assignment consists of vocab. I will let you in on a little secret. You don't get credit when you write "Self Explanatory" in answer to a vocabulary word.

There is another part where they have to list "Facts" that they learned through reading that day. Many of the answers come straight out of advertisements. I try to mark off for things that aren't actually facts like: "Jeep is the number 1 offroading type of truck" and "Nissan Skyline is a car you can trick out and upgrade the most on. or at least one of the top cars." The Skyline is not sold in the US.

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