Monday, November 29, 2010

Playgroup Mondays

We found a new playgroup. They meet on Mondays. They have a gym full of toys that their preschool plays with.

This is THE ONLY thing these two want to do:

This little boy followed us around for quite a while. Every time I told Carter that I wanted him to come to me, or go to there, this boy did it. Turns out, his name is Carter too. I just started calling my Carter "baby". It worked, and "Carter" went to play with something else.

I FINALLY got them to go do other things. This is what they did. Lydia went on to find new friends. This is Adam, she is pulling his hair and patting him on the head:

Carter went on to explore the other cars:

There were others I didn't get his pictures in front of, like the truck and the other two cars that are exactly the same as the ones pictured here. Thank goodness they have so many, otherwise there would be fights. I am also glad for a place to use them. It is not often that you can play with an outside toy outside here in Washington.

We also started swim class again. The first time he loved it. Now, he actually cried. He didn't want to be free in the water. He didn't want his legs to float. He clung to me like a baby Glider Monkey hangs to his momma in flight. I thought he was going to rip my bathing suit top right off.

Three new things he can do this week:
cluck his tongue
nose kisses - or Eskimo kisses
Mimic Sighing

His nose kisses are quite scary. He opens his mouth wide and shakes his head violently back and forth. The open mouth thing is how he gives normal kisses - so it makes sense how he came to that conclusion. The clucking sounded like gagging at first. I was worried he was choking on something. I took a deep breath in and let it out the other day because I was frustrated, and he did it right back. It was super cute. He has been mimicking me doing it ever since. I'll have to get video.

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  1. He is definitely his Dad's boy. Loving the cars already. What a cutie.