Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Angel

We got dumped on last night. The snow didn't stop until this morning. Crazy. David was sent home early yesterday, off all day today and tomorrow. He doesn't have to go back to school until Monday. It is not that we are snow whimps. This kind of thing happens so infrequently that we just don't have the equipment to deal with it. The road crews are not prepared to deal with snow like this. If you live in a place where you get frequent cold spells you know how to drive in it, and you know that the roads will be cleared in time for people to leave for work. That just doesn't happen here. So I am glad that they close schools and shut the city down so that more people aren't in danger from themselves.
We took Carter out in the snow. Our neighbors had a Carter size sled that they let us borrow. He just sat there. No movement. All the sled pictures I have, he is in the EXACT same position. No smiles in the snow.

David wanted him to experience snow angels. No go. Next year, he will look back on these pictures and wonder what was wrong with himself. We will pull him out of the snow kicking and screaming to go back out.
Not this year.
He was wearing shoes. They are just covered in snow.

~~~I have updated my recipe on Pasta Stars. Everything needs to be waaaaaay overdone in order for the small mouth to be able to process it. Also, I have to mix it with Yams to thicken it up. Hope that helps if you try to use this recipe.~~~

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