Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

Yesterday I was taking Carter down the hallway and he saw the dogs. He immediately began saying dog. It sounds like Dad, but with a little struggle at the end as he tries to pronounce the G sound. He was very excited to see them. It was the first time he addressed them without any prompting.

He has shown a very strong preference on parent. He loves his daddy. He shows his love for someone by head-butting them.

The next picture in this sequence was one with Carters mouth wrapped completely around David's nose. I was not quick enough with the camera and only got the string of spit that ran from David's nose to Carter's mouth. Yuck.

He does love his daddy.

He took a banana from one of David's coworkers and very gingerly gnawed on it for lunch the other day. I have been unsuccessful at getting him to take bananas in other than mush form. So we tried again. He tried to shove the whole thing in his mouth!!

I had to dig this golf ball size piece out of his mouth to keep him from choking:

My good friend Erik bought me this outfit while I was pregnant. I loved it!! It says "Chicks Dig Scars"

He has also started crawling on his knees. He is not very consistent yet - he'll go about 4 or 5 paces and then fall on his belly.

He started clapping on Thursday - just out of the blue. We were in the store and he turned to me and clapped his hands together. To get him to do it I sometimes have to put his hands together for him, then he continues. He knows what to do, but he has to concentrate on what muscles to move to achieve his goal. And we have been working on high five. I didn't think he was getting it until yesterday he grabbed my hand and held it up for his other hand to smack against. He just kind of held our hands together. I was a little slow to figure out what he was trying to do.


  1. Mom says that you can seperate the banana into thirds down the middle (it does this naturally), and then cut them into pieces. That's harder to choke on and they usually take it.

  2. Yeah, if he would only eat it that way. He is much too impatient to eat that small of bites!!