Friday, February 11, 2011

And they call that vegetables???

I have been trying to get Carter to eat more vegetables. I normally read the labels. This time, I just grabbed it at face value because I was in a hurry. "Hearty Vegetable Stew". Yeah right.

Water, Carrots, Pink Beans, Rice Flour, Tomato Paste, & Heavy Cream.

"Hearty" & "Vegetable" don't exactly come to my mind when I think of Pink Beans, Rice Flour, & Heavy Cream. Sounds more like fillers to me. He ate it, but I think I will just stick to the basics from now on.

Carter is getting very naughty. Notice the computer is starting up. Notice Carter watching. He turned the computer off to watch the lights swirl around. Then he turned it back on again. Twice today. Grrrrrr. It is one of his favorite things to do. That button with the bright green ring around it is just so tempting for one so easy to tempt.

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  1. What do you mean? I was totally going to plant heavy cream in my garden this year. Shucks.