Friday, February 4, 2011

He's Touching Me

Carter has gotten very lovey lately. Some with me - which is very cute - but mostly with Lydia. Lydia does not like his affection. He is constantly trying to hug and kiss her. Most of the time he knocks her over in the process. She cries and screams now every time Carter goes to touch her. Sad. He just doesn't get it.

These are some pictures my friend Chandra took at her house:
I just cannot get enough of this face. It is his "You're bothering me, and I don't have time for this" face.

Lydia is really into her looks right now. When she sees clothes that she likes, she will take them to her mom (Chandra) and demand to wear them. She is into shoes, and clothes, and necklaces. She also loves to brush her own hair. Carter has now followed her lead:

A couple weeks ago, he took the comb out of my hand and started to brush Lydia's hair like I was. Unfortunately, I had finished and was trying to put it in a ponytail.
He likes to go to my drawer in the bathroom and get my brush. He will walk over to me and attempt to brush my hair. He always brings with him a hair clip that is in the drawer also. Maybe he will be a hair stylist some day!!

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