Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Silly Faces of Carter

I am on a board with the city for my dog park. I went to a meeting while I was pregnant to choose a location for our site, and I've been with them ever since. Together, we have built a dog park near my house. We have fewer meetings than we did, but Carter has come with me to most of them. Today, we had community members come to give their input. As a result, we all had to wear name tags. Carter got one too. He was amazing! Despite the fact that it started right at bed time, and went for an hour and a half (shorter than our usual meetings), he never cried or yelled. He didn't try to leave out the large open door. He didn't play with any of the cool electronic gadgets that they had a city hall. Nor did he even attempt to go up the stairs that were in our conference room. He went up to people on the other side of the room - where he couldn't see me - that he didn't know, and let them pick him up and carry him around. He is such a great kid. He is really a people person.

When we got home, I put him in daddy's chair, and took some pictures.

These are the silly faces of Carter:

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  1. Congrats on getting the park going. Those faces are absolutely adorable. What a good boy you have, even if he's being picky about his food :)