Monday, February 7, 2011


This kid is into Absolutely EVERYTHING. I now understand why moms are sooooooo busy. They spend the whole day following the hurricane around putting things back where they go. He brought me a steak knife he finagled off the kitchen table yesterday. He emptied a large box of dog treats onto the floor. He goes to our nightstand, and takes as much off as he can. David's glasses are his favorite. He opens the case and dumps them out. He loves to go into the bathroom and pull little things out of the drawers then carry them around. If you notice the picture - he is carrying a paint can and a small Tupperware. He found the can and carried it around all day.
Carter has learned how to climb into chairs now. He has already fallen off onto his head a couple times. Notice he has a circle from one of his shape toys in his hands. He made it up there with the circle and he just won't let it go.

This is a picture from Sunday with his cute Dino suit. The basket sitting next to him was full of burp cloths - it is now empty. They are strewn about the house.

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  1. You are so not making me look forward to my life in a few months!! Lol. These two are already destroyers and they are only crawling. Well, actually only Patrick. Payden sits and plays really well and loves his toys. I can't even imagine 2 active boys.. walking.