Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Milestones

Carter has started to think in more steps. He wanted to get something off the counter, so he moved this stool to get it. He tried climbing up, but was unsuccessful. He ended up playing with it instead. He is actually trying to get out, and can't. He sees something he wants and he tries to move the furniture around to get it. Help me if he ever figures out that the coffee table has wheels!!
He WILL NOT sit still. I get a lot of pictures like this, and most of them are the back of his head:
We are getting attitude:

He loves Daddy's Hat. He has a fit if he cannot have it. He wants the hat off Daddy's head too, not just another hat in his collection. He will put it on and walk around with it. Today he said his first two-word phrase: "Daddy Hat"

This is what happens when you sleep on your hand with your waffle blanket in it:

He is signing to me a lot more. He can sign "More" and "Eat". He signs "More" before he is finished with what is in his mouth. We were looking at a book today of foods and pointed at a Banana and asked him what that was. He signed "Eat". Bananas are clearly his favorite food. Signing has sure saved me. The reaction I get from walking up to his high chair to take him out when he is finished and when I bring him a new food are exactly the same. The sign has helped me distinguish which one he wants. Even though he can talk more now, and say "More" and "Eat" he will sign them quicker and more intelligibly.

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