Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Park!!!

Yesterday we took Carter to the park by our house. It was the first time he had gotten to run around and play. During the summer we went to the park, but he wasn't walking yet and could only swing on the swings. He had a blast today. It was very wet, and you can see that in his pants. I am just glad I put overalls on him, and a sweatshirt over them. Otherwise, those pants would have been too heavy to hold themselves up.

They have a little kid playground and a big kid playground. Carter didn't seem to want to play on the big kid stuff just yet. We were grateful for that.

Carter is really good about not going up the slide - mostly because of my persistence in making him go up the stairs. He realizes it is futile to try with me pulling him off. The stairs were not in his line of sight, so he opted to go up the slide this time. I let him only because it made for a funny video. I can't decide whether to call this video "Persistence" or "Cruel & Unusual Punishment". You be the judge. I have shortened it to a fraction of the video length. He fought it for over a full minute before I took him off. He was not giving up!

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