Saturday, March 26, 2011

They grow so fast!!

I think I talk on the phone too much. I didn't realize it. Carter turns anything into a phone. This is a jump drive. David thinks Carter thinks it is a Blue Tooth. He is so funny. He is always on the "phone". His phones take many forms: a flat piece of rubber, an empty plastic package, a remote control, anything that is small, flat, or fits in his hand really. He talks to them, and laughs at them. I NEVER let him have my phone. When we talk to daddy, I hold the phone to his ear. He has just gotten used to that, and we don't have fights over it AT ALL. David, on the other hand, will let him hold the phone. Whenever David gets on the phone, Carter throws a fit. I think I have found the key to keeping my child away from my phone - he knows I'll never let him have it. He points to it and calls it a "Bye Bye", but he won't grab at it anymore.

It pays to be consistent!!

Carter is so stubborn. He won't say anything when prompted. He stopped identifying facial features - like nose and ears. He is learning so much though.

His favorite things are round. He especially loves lids. He can say lid, more like demand it. He loves to take the lids off things and put it back on. Especially if it twists.

He can say grapes "gee gee". He told me the other day - not in so many words - that he wanted grapes for breakfast instead of a banana. They have become his new favorite food.

He can identify a moon. He calls it a "Nigh Nigh". I think he is implying bed time. When you ask him what the dog says he blows at you. I have been teaching the babies to say "woof". Lydia pronounces it "Foof". It is more of a blowing noise than anything. Carter just blows air out. I really think that he is just copying her with most of the words he says. He mimics what she says. So, he doesn't really say anything that she doesn't. But he doesn't say everything she does either.

We think he has converted to Judaism. He puts this pad on his head and wears it around the house like a Yamaka. It sticks to his head like Velcro or felt. It NEVER falls off!! It is supposed to be a belly pad for his car seat. Oh well.

The other morning I was in the living room doing laundry. Lydia was still in her high chair eating toast. She started laughing hysterically. I walk in, and Carter is making faces at her through the stool. That crazy kid. He built his first Lego tower. He is very good at it. He brings me his shapes (each set at a time), and when he is finished putting them all in their homes, he brings me the Lego box he got for Christmas. He builds towers with them, then takes them apart. This picture is of his first tower: He is a busy kid. We are going to the park more, now that it is nice out. He just wants to run and play (after the first 5-10 minutes of not letting us put him down).

We had a little photo shoot last time we went.

He is such a cute kid. I am amazed at how adorable he is. Is it just me? Is it because I have some natural instinct that overpowers my interpretation of appearance in order to preserve my young? Or is he really as cute as I think he is?

He also has such a great personality. He is so friendly and helpful. He is not the most cuddly kid, but he will be there to pat you on the back. He does that to me often. I always know when I am having a particularly aggravating day because he will let out a big sigh, like he is seeing me sigh too much and starting to copy me. Or he will pat me on the back almost as if he is patronizing me. But it is cute nonetheless.

Another Davidism:

I noticed he had some pine needles and other debris on his back the other day. I started to brush it off, and asked him if he had been rolling on the ground.

He responds by saying "Hey, that was my air freshener!"

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