Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Carter is a little chatter box. He talks NON-STOP. He doesn't really say anything. He breaks out in song too. Super cute. Last post I mentioned that he remembers his friends' names. I have posted a video of that. I also got video of him making animal noises and naming body parts. I forgot the bunny rabbit, to which he bounces up and down saying "Hop Hop". It is adorable. I also forgot the crocodile - he sticks his arms straight out and claps his hands together. The noise he makes for the dog is the end of "Woof" it is basically him blowing air. My favorite though is the difference between "Head" and "Hair". He points out his head by a flat hand on his head, and his hair by wiggling his fingers like he is grabbing at imaginary hair. Enjoy:

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