Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a busy week!!

David went out of town and my mother & sister came to visit. There was so much to do!!

First we went to the Tacoma Children's Museum. (Like how his pants dissappeared? Camo baby!)

We had to drop many toys in the Slobber Bin - surprisingly enough.

Unfortunately, we spent so much time just trying to keep him inside. He kept bolting for the door EVERY chance he got. There were balloons outside:

The next day we went to the Auburn Kid's Day, where he got 2 balloons. There was a section of toys just for Carter sized kids. They were all free. He was in heaven. His new love - basketball:

He carried that basketball all over the toddler area:

The day after that, we went to the Strawberry Festival in Bellevue. We got to ride a real school bus. We sang "Wheels on the bus" the whole ride. Of course, it is grandma's job to spoil him with sugar. Here he is enjoying Hawaiian Shaved ice after a run in the spray park: 

And here is his first chocolate covered banana:

And this is where we learned that he is not actually related to me in any way. He picked the chocolate off:

On Monday we went to the zoo. My mother bought Carter a membership (she actually only bought David & I the pass, since Carter is still free). Yay for that!

The weeds were too high for Carter to see into the exhibits for the animals. We were very disappointed. But we did see a couple Giraffes in a holding pen - this is Olivia:


Probably the only animal Carter was really fascinated by - not even in a cage:

 Then on Tuesday, my mother bought us a membership to the Bellevue Children's Museum:

Helping daddy build a water pipe. Carter looks so cute in his little water smock.

 Carter loved this life size big rig.

However, in the end, all he wanted to do was play on the mall rides. I couldn't believe they are a dollar now!!! He fought and cried to leave the museum just to sit in this race car!! (Don't you love the screaming child in the ice cream truck?!?)

On Wednesday we went to the farm. We saw cows, sheep, a pig, chickens, bunnies, and this horse. He came right up to Carter & nuzzled his face. It was really cute. Carter didn't appreciate it though.

The one thing I made sure of, was that Carter got his nap. We never left the house before 2 - except the day we went to the farm - we did that before nap. Carter always got to rest. He is a pretty good kid missing his nap and all - but the last 2 hours of the day are really hard when he hasn't had a nap.

He is starting to grow hair. You can't really see, but this is his hair after his nap:

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