Monday, December 3, 2012

Dance Performance

This year we did not get to go see our favorite A Capella group, Straight No Chaser. We have seen them in Seattle the last two years in a row. However, it was too close to my due date to purchase tickets in advance, and then we realized that they were performing on a Monday. David works late on Mondays and cannot take the time off for a concert. Oh well.

We went to a wonderful performance anyways. The Pacific Ballroom Dance Company had a Christmas performance on Friday. It was awesome. We have gone to their performances every year for a number of years now. When David was a Boy Scout leader, he had a young man in his troop that danced. He got us hooked. Although he has graduated and is not dancing for PBD right now, we still go. 

David thought it would be fun to take Carter. Indeed, he had a blast. Carter was a little grump before and after the performance - he refused to fall asleep at nap time - but during the performance, he was enthralled. 

I am hoping that Carter will be interested in dancing with them when he is older. It is so athletic. Unfortunately, their next performance is not until June, but we will be ready.

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