Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday we got snow. Not much, but enough to build a snowman!

At preschool yesterday morning, they had snowball fights with marshmallows. When I picked him up, he really wanted to build a snowman. Luckily, baby cooperated with his nap so Carter and I could make a snowman.

We practiced first by making snowballs:

I let Carter use my camera because he wanted to take a picture of me throwing a snowball. He did a pretty good job.

This was our finished product. The funny snow thing on his head is the hat Carter made. The stick in the background was the stick Carter chose for the arms. Unfortunately, it didn't fit on our creature.

Afterwards we came in the house and had some hot apple cider. Our snowman was melted within hours. Poor guy.

The other day, I went in to get Carter from quiet time and found him dressed like this:

A basketball jersey, suspenders, a tie, and church socks. I was impressed that he was able to get all 4 clips from the suspenders attached to his pants!! That takes work.

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