Friday, December 7, 2012

Week 41

Depending on the date you go by from the doctor, we could be almost to 42 weeks - but we are certainly past 41. We have been keeping very busy. I have felt great - up until I had the bright idea to take my support belt and my compression hose off. I spent an entire day almost not able to walk. I put them back on for another day, and am now back to my normal activity. I thought it would help baby drop. What it really did was stress every muscle and bone underneath him!

We are really working hard to get this baby out. I had a massage therapist work the pressure points in my feet, and I had my chiropractor adjust some magic spot to help my body release the chemicals needed to bring on labor. Nothing so far. I have done a ton of research on all those old wives tales about inducing labor. Nothing looks like it really works. Some women may claim that it worked for them, but unless your body is ready, that baby isn't coming out. 

For example - taking Castor Oil is only going to flush my bowels out, dehydrate me, and give me diarrhea. It is not going to soften my cervix. 

Walking is great for helping the baby drop down further in to the birth canal, but won't push him through it.

We had an ultrasound yesterday to make sure baby has enough fluid. What we discovered is that baby has his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice. He has lots of good movement, his heart rate is normal, and he has plenty of fluid. They are not worried. It is called a Nuchal Cord. It is perfectly normal. I was afraid it would keep him from descending the birth canal (which he hasn't done yet!), but from what I read, that is not the case. I read this very helpful article about the subject:

My body is not ready for this baby to come out yet. I have told him he needs to leave before they induce me. He seems to like it in there.

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