Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sick Sick Sick

Carter is not feeling well. He had a fever of 103 degrees F last night, and vomited twice this morning. 

I have never seen a kid so upset when we told him he could not go to church. He has been BEGGING to put his church clothes on all morning. "I won't throw up any more!" he has been saying. "I'm not sick, the thermometer says so." His fever is gone, but his appetite has not returned.

This is him sleeping with his Baby Elmer doll:

I found him crammed all the way up to the end of the bed:

My father "Pop Pops" came to visit. He brought Carter two new monkeys. Carter ran to get the rest of his monkey family. He now has a "Daddy", a "Mommy", a "Carter", and a "Baby Elmer" "Soccer Monkey". He thinks they are Soccer monkeys not Sock monkeys. It is really cute.

Carter built this:

It is a Lego man with a chain saw climbing to the top of the Christmas tree to cut it down. What an imagination!

My mother sent Carter Christmas cookies this year. She has been sending cookies for a couple years now. She has been very good to include cookies for Carter. David saw that this year there were two plates - a great big one, and a little tiny one. He thought the great big one was for us and the little tiny one was for Carter. NOPE. The little tiny one was marked with a skull and cross bones. He he he.

We are very close to having a name for this little guy. As soon as we have one, I will let you all know. 
Carter has narrowed it down to three options: LegoBuilder Lewis, Lee Carter Lewis, and Ben Mitchell Lewis (after a boy from church). We are carefully considering all of our options - but these have not made the final cut. Sorry Carter. 

We have been talking to Carter about naming the baby. He is very resistant. He knows we changed his name when he was born, and he can tell you he was "Vern". However, he has not been able to make the connection. He corrects us if we call baby anything other than "Baby Elmer". I told him that he can call baby anything he'd like. Eventually he will come around. 

Last night at the store, he tells me "Sometimes I don't like Baby Elmer. Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't." I told him that was okay, we all have feelings and we have to listen to them so we can work them out in a healthy manner. I don't want to suppress his feelings and cause him to resent new baby. I also want him to verbalize those feelings as his outlet so he doesn't harm the baby instead.

I found David had tried to hide the baby from me the other day! Camouflage Baby! 

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