Sunday, March 3, 2013

A name and blessing

At church today, David gave Beckett a blessing. It was beautiful. 

When he blessed Carter, what stuck out most in my mind was the blessing of love. He blessed him that he would always feel our love, and know how  much we cared about him.

What stuck out to me most about Beckett's blessing was the part where David said "You are the second of two children". Apparently he is very serious about this being done thing. The other thing that I remembered most was the blessing that when he met his eternal companion, he would recognize that he had found her. What a great assurance to have - I remember how sure I was when I finally came around to the idea of marrying David. It took me a long time to recognize that path for me.

It was so nice to have family and friends attend. David's parents were there, my Aunt Darla and my aunt Karren drove over an hour and were there before we were (at 9 AM mind you), David's cousin Kara had an hour drive (and she stayed the night with her parents so the journey would only be an hour), a co-worker of David's and his family, Blu & Vortex' dog groomer Vickie, and many other friends were there to share the day.

I bought his tux 2 weeks ago, and it fit perfectly. Today, it barely fit. We will try to get pictures of him wearing all 4 pieces later this week. He spits up so much, I wasn't going to risk it by leaving it on him longer than I had to.

We had an open house after the blessing. My aunt Karren had a cake made. It tasted super yummy.

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