Saturday, March 2, 2013


Carter is really into dressing up. I have been collecting costumes for a local therapy center. It is really hard to find boy dress up things, so I have been keeping my eyes open. Carter found a pile that I had been intending to donate and decided it was his new favorite thing. He won't let me get pictures of him in many of his "dress-ups", but I got Batman:

We also have Superman, Buzz Light Year, a skeleton, a train conductor, and his Swat vest from Halloween.

We have a couple that are too small for Carter. He likes for Beckett to dress-up with him, so we tried them out too.

Beckett doesn't enjoy it as much as Carter does.

My father was over a few weeks ago. He happened to be wearing a University of Arizona shirt. I ran in my room and grabbed an outfit that I had nabbed at a sale two days before to match:

To be funny, Carter ran and put on his Arizona State University jersey.

All of his miscellaneous jerseys are now in his dress-up bin as well.

Out of all the fun things he has to wear, his outfit of choice now is his best church clothes, and I see no harm in it. Thursday was preschool and the indoor playground. He chose to wear his white button up shirt, his red tie, church shoes, and a suit jacket. While in Target a couple stopped him and asked him where he was preaching at. He told them they could find him at the playground. Carter, the child preacher...

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