Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spelling and Rhyming

I've been meaning to post an update to Carter's language development. He has a foam alphabet mat in his room. He blew us both away a couple weeks ago when he spelled his first word. P-O-E-M. He sounded it out "Po-Em". He doesn't quite know how to pronounce it the way it is in the English language (Most of us have trouble with that), and he doesn't know what it is. However, it was a huge leap. He is trying to spell all sorts of things, most of which end up as nonsense. But we encourage it none-the-less. 

Last week he began rhyming as well. He was asking me what a word rhymes with, now he is coming up with them all on his own!!

We went to the science center yesterday and he happened to sit down at a computer that was working on rhyming. It posted a nursery rhyme with alternate endings, and had the kids choose from different options.

It says "Hickory, dickory, dock. The mouse ran up the ___________"

Carter sees the four options: A tree house labeled a "club", which he called a "House"; a handcart labeled "carts", which he called a "Box"; a rowboat labeled "rows", which he called a "Boat"; and a "rock", which he called "Poop" (and really looked like it too). None of which - to him - rhymed with Dock. 

This was really an activity for older kids, however it was in a 4 and under area. The child would obviously have to be able to read to get their pictorials. 

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