Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The stinky kid who eats paste

I officially have the stinky kid who eats paste. Carter grabbed a bottle of Elmer's glue and drank from it like it was a bottle. He does have some gas that will clear a room too.

He also ate a piece of book. The peice had a picture of food on it. My child cannot tell the difference between real food and pictures of food!!!

He stole a remote control. I was cleaning out his car seat and a remote fell out. Somehow it got tucked under the cover. I had to call three people who it could possibly belong to. Silly kid.

This is Carter right before swim class, so excited. Not so excited when we got to the pool. He was in a really good mood after we left though.
I did Carter's hair today. The pool is drying his scalp and I was putting lotion on it when I noticed some of his hairs were moving with the lotion. This is my attempt at styling it:

My friend Chandra - Lydia's mom - said that as weird as it sounded, his hair actually looked messed up. I took pride that she noticed - because that meant it worked!!

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