Friday, December 31, 2010

Carter & Camden

We had some friends that moved from our ward to Ogden, Utah. While we were in town, we stopped to stay with them for a few days. Their son Camden was born 4 months before Carter. He weights 3lbs less, and is walking and running around. They look about the same size, but Carter has a bit of a belly and chubby cheeks. They played along side eachother, but never with eachother.
It was Camden's house where Carter got to really climb stairs. He always heads straight for the stairs wherever we go, but he actually got to climb them here. He is not very efficient at going down yet. I all but pushed him down the stairs so he could learn consequences. My child is the slow one remember. He cried and cried, until I realized that he was crying because I was holding him. He was struggling to break free to climb again. He fell twice down about 6 or 7 steps, not really caring - just wanting to continue going up.

Camden LOVES snow. Doesn't matter how cold it is. He throws a fit if he knows you are going out, and he is not.

We went looking at Christmas lights in the Ogden Christmas Village. My how I am grateful for a child that doesn't walk or run. Camden didn't stay in his stroller for long. He was running all over playing in the snow. I love this picture because it reminds me of that Christmas Story movie.

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