Thursday, December 16, 2010

Circle Time

Carter loves circles. When we play with other people's toys, it is always the circles we go for first. When we put the shapes in the shape sorter, one hand has the circle while the other hands shove shapes in holes. The circle almost never goes in. He has a ball in one hand and the circle puzzle is sitting next to him on the floor. He has seen the ball go in the basket. Balls are circles.

And circles are circles:

Notice here, the only two pieces missing are the O and the Q. Both circles.

Here is a random picture of play time. This is the first real fight over a toy we have had. They both wanted to play with this toy piano my cousin gave us. They literally pulled eachother off and pushed them to the floor before climbing on it themselves. It was crazy.

On another note, Carter cut another tooth on Monday. Now he has 9.

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