Friday, December 17, 2010

We have no more fun toys!!!

Thanks to all of our wonderful friends, we have lots of fun toys. However, today all of them became obsolete and invalid. For today we found THE LAUNDRY SHOOT. I have been dreading this day for about 6 months now. Today was the day that I finally closed all the doors in the hallway and let Carter and Lydia chase eachother up and down the hallway. I have always had it blocked off so they could be confined to the living room where I could sit on the couch and read or grade papers for David and know that they were safe. Today, however I let them roam free. I got there too late. Just in time to see Carter grab that handle and pull. WOW!!! What an amazing find. There is a hole in the wall!!! Before you go thinking - how could she let them wander down there with a danger like that exposed?? I do need to point out that I have had the toy box blocking it for quite some time. I moved it out of the way for the pictures so you wouldn't think that my house was as completely cluttered as the toy box is. He was reaching in for a toy and noticed the knob on the wall. He was only able to get it open about 4 inches. However, that is enough to completely captivate a curious 15 month old.

Aaaaaaggggghhhhh what do I do?????

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