Thursday, December 30, 2010

Look Out Doggies

Today Lydia was getting her way more than usual. She is walking by herself for long distances, and has been for almost 2 weeks now. If she saw something that she wanted that Carter was playing with, she would walk up and take it. Then she would walk away. There was nothing Carter could do but cry. He couldn't get it back by crawling to her. I decided that he needed to stick up for himself. I set him upright and held his hips so he knew I was there. He wanted to grab my fingers - but I refused to let him do that. It would cause him to fall if I tried to let go. He took about 7 steps before falling. I called David in to see. By the end of 10 minutes he was walking across the room like he is in the video. He crawled into the kitchen. I went in there to get him and stood him up. He walked 17 feet before the tripping on the transition strip going into the living room (I can't count that against him because I've done it). He then walked another 9 feet to David's arms.

It looks like he was ready, I just wasn't.


  1. What a big boy! He looks like a pro already. Look out Lydia :)

  2. Look out for your stairs!! Now he can walk to get there. I have a feeling we will be playing the stair game all night tonight.