Friday, June 17, 2011

Car Insurance

Carter loves to go pay our car insurance. They always have fun toys for him. Yesterday, he found their pedal car. He was in heaven. He cries when it is time to leave.

He was pretending to be a baby. It was cute!

Carter has his hands in EVERYTHING!! He wanted to help me garden. It took me twice as long to plant last weekend as it should have.

Forceful Prayers:

Carter was randomly saying a prayer, rather often. He would stop me from doing something that he didn't want to do, or even just to do it. That's good, he sees us praying right? Well, I was trying to be respectful and being quiet with my head bowed and my arms folded while he prayed. Now, he wants me to be actively participating. He runs up to me yelling "PAIR PAIR". He has to grab my hand, and fold my arms. I have taken the initiative to say the "Amen" because it seems like his prayers go on forever are very involved with the Lord. He is even respectful enough to remove his hat. Today at the doctor's office, he would shout "PAIR", throw his hat on the floor, and reach for my hand. Then, I would pick his hat up just in time for him to throw it back down. One lady at the pharmacy thought it was so cute - she said he's going to be a preacher when he grows up. She folded her arms and bowed her head, and she gave the spirited "Amen" along with him. It was kind of funny.

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