Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up and I had a big surprise for David. We were going to take a ride on the Centralia-Chehalis Steam Train. Then on Thursday, David tells me that he is going to be out of town for Father's Day weekend. My plans were crushed. I bought tickets and we were going to use them the Saturday before and go with some friends. Both father's were completely surprised.  Or would have been. A couple quick rearrangements for two days ahead, and we were back on. For those who say you don't have enough time to play something, I say "Of Course You Can!" Together with my friend Bethany, we put it together on Thursday for Saturday.

David turns to me as we are riding in the train (75 minute trip) and says "Did they make an announcement about not sticking your arms out the windows while we're moving?". No they did not. So, out the window he went. He got an awesome picture out of it.

They asked the boys if they wanted to ride in the engine while they moved around and set up for the evening train. You can kind of see "An-new" or Andrew in the corner. He got to ride with the Engineer. Carter just wanted to push buttons, so they rode a little further away. David was talking with the guys on the train while they rode. This train - Engine #15 - is almost 100 years old.  It spent some time taking people around Mount Rainier National Park after semi-retirement, and is now here at this station just doing weekend stints between May and September. One of the guys that the boys met has been with engine #15 for 75 years!

I didn't do anything to bring out Carter's eyes in these pictures, other than coordinate his outfit. He has the most beautiful eyes.

We had a chance to take some cute shots on the tracks:

Cater seemed to enjoy his first date with Emma. He better have, he talked about her all day Friday. We went to Applebee's after the train. I asked them if they had a side of fruit for Carter. The waiter brought me "Bar Fruit". Apparently they have some fruit for the alcoholic beverages laying around. He picked through it and got the good stuff for Carter. He gobbled it down, then he ate some of Emma's cheese sandwich!!

On the way home, Carter sat in the back seat with his Velcro shoes. "Open. . . . Close". Over and over again. I could hear the Velcro fasten and unfasten. It was super cute to see him realize and put into practice the new words he is learning.

This last shot David got while we were on the train. He points out the window and says "Look Lisa, it's Bella's truck". Sure enough it was. David likes to grumble about how the Twilight movie cast the wrong year truck. He wants to make sure I know what a real 1953 Chevy truck looks like and not mistake it for a 1963. 

Perfect postcard picture.

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  1. Those really are some perfect postcard shots! What a fun day--thanks for the fun times :)