Monday, June 20, 2011

Airplanes and other quirks

This is apparently an airplane:

Carter makes these little contraptions out of his Duplos and flies them around the house before giving them to me. At least they are tested and approved before I get them. He can also correctly identify the sound of an airplane flying over our house. This morning during breakfast he heard one. He told me very matter-of-factly that he heard an airplane. He can also identify an airplane in a book. Pretty impressive because I don't remember teaching him that.

Carter likes to move all the handles on my dresser in the up position. He will come over to it, and change all the handles: 

It is really cute, because he can barely reach the top ones.

He has always shown preference for his left hand. He grabs things with it, he reaches with it, and he holds his fork or spoon with it. We were at a friend's house last weekend. He found a little kid's laptop in their daughters' room. He also found a little chair. He dragged them both out and set them up like this. I found him with the mouse on the left side and the chair pulled up to the make-shift desk here:

Church this Sunday went pretty smooth, especially considering David wasn't home to go with us. Carter was pretty cooperative. We were even 15 minutes early. I had potluck sign-ups, singing time props, and bulletin board pictures and papers to put up. He stayed quiet during the main meeting, even trying to get the man in front of us to pray with him. He went to nursery without a fuss!! I was substituting for the lady that does the singing time, and had to go in the nursery for 15 minutes. He didn't beg to sit in my lap. He participated with the other kids in doing the actions to the songs. He even let me go back out to sing with the big kids without a fight or a whine!!

On a side note, I got this little suit for $2.73. I had a coupon for JC Penney's, and I found all the pieces strewn about the store. They literally had no two pieces together. The tie was in the older boys section with the socks on the floor in a pile of other ties. The pants were in the older boys section too on a rack with other pants that were sold by themselves. The shirt and the vest were on different racks in the girl's clearance section. They were marked down because they were not a complete set. The store employees were too lazy to look for the rest of the set. I pieced it back together, and got to keep the discount. I got a deal like that at Sears before. I got a shirt/vest/tie set for $1.83. No pants. The pants were truly gone. However, I had another set with the same pants. I like finding deals like that.

This is Carter's first beach experience:

I love all his funny faces.

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