Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Oh WOW!! No Way! Oh WOW. NO WAY!!!"

Carter got his big boy bed. I have it all set up, but he gets out of it and plays instead of going to sleep. However, it was only a matter of time. . . .He fell out of the crib on Saturday.

He loves his Fire Truck bed. When it was all set up he got on the bed, bouncing up and down, saying "Oh WOW!! No Way! Oh WOW. NO WAY!!!"

It was super cute. Too bad I didn't get a video.

He is such a good helper. His new favorite thing is to help me empty the dishwasher:

He is also very active. Here is his first skinned knee, but not his last. It was also his first time wearing shorts, that was his last for a while. He scraped both knees, and then turned around and scraped all the way down to his ankles.

Then we went to the park and he fell off a toy onto the concrete - onto his face. The picture doesn't do it justice:

Carter has also not wanted to nap. 4 days in a row - NO NAP. I put him in his crib, and he sits and plays. I leave him in for 3 hours for "quiet time". Usually he ends up soiling himself - so bad it ends in a bath. He had his first shower this week also. I got a picture. Then, I realized that you can see how badly he has pooped himself and I decided not to put up the picture. I think he is having allergies to something else. Grrrrr. I have to now eliminate foods to see what it is that is causing his nastiness. When I get him out of bed, he is not rested, he is now cranky because he is tired. Grrrrr again. Today was his first nap in 5 days. YAY!!!

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