Monday, December 5, 2011

Blue's Clues

Anyone that knew me pre-Carter knows how much I love Blue's Clues. I have a plethora of Blue's Clues toys and games. (Not all pictured here)

David made me this blanket for Christmas 7 years ago:

So, now my child has discovered Blue's Clues. And it totally helps that we have a dog named Blu. I ask him in the morning what he thinks Blu wants to eat/play/sing/do. My mother is sending us some "Clues" that I can move around and put on things.

Thanks to my good friends the Transiers, I have a Blue's Clues Memory game that we play together.

I found this "Thinking Chair" at the Deseret Industries for $1!!!! (For anyone that doesn't know, he is dressed as a firefighter. That is his "Fireman Hat" and his fireman boots.)

I love Blue's Clues because it really gives me a chance to test his recall, and it gives me time that he will wear his eye patch. We were in the car today and I asked him what Blue's first clue was. I was amazed when he answered correctly - a sun. Then he answered the second clue correctly too - the rain. Blue wanted to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The ladies at the Therapy Center that we go to said it is a great show that you can talk with your child about. There are concrete things they are putting together, and critical thinking skills they are using. It is also a good show you can watch with your child to encourage their skills. Thank you Netflix!!!

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