Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day off with Daddy

The day after the concert Daddy surprised us by taking a day off work. We went to our favorite playgroup (Carter loves it because he gets a name tag. He calls it his "Friends Playgroup").

Carter and Daddy built this town:

Then Carter climbed to the top of this thing:

Then we all wore hats (sorry daddy):

Then Carter drew a giraffe (it is the thing in between him and the little girl that kind of looks like a giraffe!):

We went straight from there to a Caspar Babypants concert at the mall.

We have seen Caspar at least 7 times in concert and this is THE FIRST TIME he has ever SMILED, STOOD BY HIMSELF, or DANCED!!! He always has a permagrump face. I was shocked. I got video!! He hopped to "Mr. Rabbit", and he ran, jumped, danced, spun, ect. . . to "Run Baby". That video was harder to get because of the massive amounts of kids there.

We have so much fun with Daddy when he is home. I almost wonder if Daddy's car wakes him up every morning, then he goes back to sleep. Because when Daddy is home - he knows it.

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