Friday, December 30, 2011


We had a nice quiet Christmas this year. Santa brought Carter a tool bench (Which has been hidden in the basement next to the dryer for about 2 years now. I bought it at a second hand store - new in the box - when he was just an infant. I knew it would come in handy for a Christmas eventually.) My mother sent me money to buy Carter something and I found a vacuum cleaner - a real one - that was short enough for Carter to use comfortably. He LOVES it. He uses it about 45 minutes a day. He got a lot of toys and clothes from family and friends. We are very grateful. He was getting packages constantly the last couple weeks. He loves all his new toys and new clothes (especially the ones with balls on them).  

Carter is holding up the Mater Pez dispenser he got in his stocking (David took the candy out before he learned they are supposed to have candy. There will be plenty of time for that later, but for right now we wanted him to enjoy the toy without wanting to discard it when the intended use for the toy - i.e. dispensing candy - was expended.). Carter got gloves last year for Christmas, but they came too late for our trip to the snow, and the weather here was so mild he didn't get to use them. Now his hands are too big for them. He got these cool gloves from a boy at church. Carter LOVES them because they have balls on them.

We went to the Douglas home again this year for fun and singing. Carter was completely consumed in the iPhone. He also loved playing piano with Zoe. They had a lot of fun. They both really missed Chloe this year, but they will see her soon enough.

We went to David's parents' house for more Christmas fun.

He seemed more interested in dancing to the music (It's okay if you can't hear it, I couldn't either.). I am so grateful that he is not the type of kid to open every present all at once. He really likes to enjoy what he gets.

Carter got some fun new toys that he loves. Uncle Daniel got him a Cabbage Patch doll named Lincoln:

Just like he had when he was a boy. David's mother took this picture and emailed it to me after I took the one above. So cute.

We went home Christmas evening and had our own celebration of Christ's birth. We cleared the floor and sat on a blanket. Carter wanted to exercise instead. 

We all got a sheep and pretended to be shepherds.

Then we sat down and watched this video:

Even though there are no English words, the message is pretty powerful. I have always loved this version of the Nativity. It was a perfect tie-in to the spirit of the season.

Remember Him:

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