Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Party

Our ward Christmas party was awesome this year. It was a night in Bethlehem theme. Different people set up "Shops" around the gym. We were all given coins to purchase food and crafts. We set up blankets to eat our food on - Carter and I are right up front on our blanket.

These are the missionaries assigned to our area. They are pretty cool. We got to have them over for dinner last week and get to know them better. The one on the left always looks up when we call Carter. It doesn't matter where we are - at church on Sunday, at the Christmas party, at our house - he turns like he is going to answer me. We got him to admit that his first name isn't really Elder, like his name tag says, it is Carter. 

These are our neighbors - the Froislands. Carter loves "Brother/Grandpa" Froisland. We go over to visit and Carter follows him around the house. We don't see him at church on Sunday because he is not actually a member of our church. But his wife is, and he is very supportive. He comes to all the activities, and to church whenever the kids or grandkids have a part in the service. Carter saw him from across the room and was very excited to see him. I hadn't noticed him until Carter pointed him out. That kid has better recognition than I do sometimes!!

This is Carter's friend Ben (on the left). He plays the trumpet. Carter thinks that is pretty cool.

In the end, Carter wanted to help put away tables and chairs. What a great helper. It was a chore getting him out of there though.

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