Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Excited to be a big brother

No baby yet.  We have been praying so hard to have Baby Elmer reach full term, that I really don't mind going to my due date or later. I just really don't want to be induced. Plus, I realized that I don't care for the November birth stone, so I am content to wait until December to have this baby.

We'll see what God has in store for us. Baby Elmer is already about 3 lbs heavier than Carter was at birth. I have taken out all of Carter's tiny clothes, washed, folded, and placed them in the dresser. Now, I worry that Baby Elmer will be too big to wear any of it.

Carter is so excited to have a baby brother. It is amazing to me how ready he really is. I got Carter a Baby Elmer doll a few months ago to help him transition. Carter has been attached at the hip to this doll. He makes sure Baby Elmer has a clean diaper and is always dressed. He wants to help buckle Baby Elmer in the car whenever we go anywhere. He tells me when Baby Elmer needs to eat, sleep, and be changed. Apparently Carter can make him giggle (his favorite thing to do), and can calm him when he is crying. I find him every couple days holding Baby Elmer bouncing up and down, while walking back and forth in the hallway, patting his back. Carter will sway and shush, as well as rock and cuddle this doll. It is the sweetest thing. THE MOST loving thing, however, was a couple days ago when I went in to his room to wake him up. He was holding Baby Elmer, reading him a story.

We have our scary moments. Like when Carter carries Baby Elmer down the hall by his leg, and when Carter tries on Baby Elmer's clothes: 

The shorts that Carter has dressed himself in are 3-6 months, as are the socks that you cannot see. He liked them because they are "BYU colors" (The socks), and insists on wearing them. Unfortunately, I don't want to encourage the wearing of new baby's socks, so I made him take them off. 

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