Sunday, November 25, 2012

Santa Pictures

We went to the Old Cannery for our Santa pictures again this year. It was even better than the past 3 years!! Carter took a few minutes to warm up once it was our turn. Santa Al took his time with Carter and talked with him off-lap for a bit. Then they started talking football and Carter really got going. He told Santa his favorite football team was BYU and he wanted a BYU football helmet (Thank you Amazon, we found a BYU helmet and a jersey). 

David wants to go back to see Santa with Baby Elmer when he is born. I knew that with Carter's trepidation of new people, I wanted to give him the least amount of distractions for his pictures as possible. And who knows, maybe we won't be able to go once Baby Elmer comes.

We set up the tree as our Family Home Evening activity tonight. Carter has been really excited. I was pretty excited too, until Carter started dropping some of David's childhood ornaments - the glass kind. I tried to show him how to be gentle and careful, but he was not interested. It was a struggle.

Notice he hung all the ornaments really close together. It was pretty cute.

When it was all said and done, I was breathing a sigh of relief. Carter came up to me, and put his hands out. I grabbed them both and he started dancing. We danced for a few minutes to the Christmas music that was playing. It was a lot of fun.

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