Saturday, November 24, 2012


A little late....

Carter chose to be a SWAT officer for Halloween. He started to really get into it this year. He loved to wear his costume at home, but not while we were out and about - with other people watching, even if everyone else is wearing a costume.

We went with some friends to the "Grandparent House" (AKA an assisted living facility) to do a parade. He clung to me the entire time and all out REFUSED to wear his costume. He cried and threw himself on the floor. It was kind of like last year all over again. I knew better, and should have given him about 10 or 15 minutes to warm up first. He talked about it for days afterwards, as though he had the greatest time!!

Daddy did a photo shoot with him in his costume. He was thrilled to do that.

We had a carnival at church. Carter excelled in the sporting event type games.

He knocked down all the milk jugs - by himself!

He had a blast with Daddy.

They had some trick-or-treating after the carnival.

The only door he wouldn't go to was the one with the spider web.

We made our Halloween craft - ghosts - out of his feet. He LOVED to step in the white paint. We had a lot of fun with this craft.

On Halloween, we went to a different "Grandparent House" to visit his Great-Grandma Bobbie and hand deliver her craft.

Then we went with our friends to go Trick-or-Treating in their neighborhood. He really loved getting all the candy. Most of it (David and I ate the good stuff) is still in this same orange bag in the pantry. He doesn't ask to have any. It is in plain sight, and he NEVER asks to eat any of it. He knows it is there, he can see it, but he doesn't care. Weird kid.

Coincidentally, there was a house in their neighborhood with a giant spider - Carter walked right by it. There was another house with strobe lights and moving things in the yard - didn't phase him. However, the spider webs freak him out!! He will reach down and pet the big nasty spiders he finds in the yard - but cries when he thinks he sees a spider web near one of his toys. I haven't figured out what is so scary about a spider web (with or without a spider), but not a spider. Go figure.

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